The 77 Cent Big Mac

File:McDonald's 1960 logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

The Big Mac is a burger which has been discussed on this blog before. A few revelations have been made about the burger, and there continue to be discoveries and innovations in this subject. As McDonald’s gets richer as a company, the prices go up, and the production cost for most of their food items go down. This results in a huge profit margin.

When the restaurants started selling Big Macs, it was already 1967, well after Ray Kroc took over the company. The Big Mac was priced at $0.45, which is over $3 in current day money. It took almost $0.30 to produce a Big Mac, which is $2. Since then, the prices have gone down in production and up in the retail price. The Big Mac has gotten bigger itself, but the production cost is now a whopping $0.77! They sell it for $4 in most places, but the average price around the world is just over $5.50 USD.

There is one more figure, which is the most startling yet. It was discovered by a home cook, Jim James, that if you make a Big Mac at home, buying all the ingredients separately and what McDonald’s claims that their burger has, it would add up to $6.63. This is almost 9 times the price that McDonald’s produces their burgers with. This figure could be summed up by saying McDonald’s is buying their products in bulk, but when their expenses are only 11.6% the price of buying all the ingredients separately, anyone can see that something fraudulent is going on.

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