Intro to Irrigation Around the World

Why All Farms Don't Use Drip Irrigation - Water Footprint Calculator

Irrigation has been around since 6000 BC. It was developed by farmers who had reached the maximum capacity around lakes and rivers. Irrigation is the transportation of the supply of water that contributes to crop growth. In the early days, irrigation was quite similar to a plumbing system, as the water was designed to go around the city and reach all the places it had to, just for the excess to feed back into the ocean.

Since then, irrigation has greatly developed. In the early days of development, people learned how to use dams to control the water flow into one exact place. Then, canals were built all around the cities to have a larger water flow all over the city. These were the basic developments, and they are both still used to an extent in modern day. As time progressed, and goods were able to be transported more efficiently, people could start using the best materials for the job. In more modern history, metal pipes were starting to be used. All these developments were extremely meaningful, and farmers were able to be much more productive.

The reason why irrigation came to existence in the first place was to make farming more efficient and accessible, which would cause more plants and crops being grown each season. Now, there are huge facilities who focus on mass producing plants and vegetables however they can. Now that you have the basic summary of irrigation, keep an eye out for a new blog about how big companies are using it to their advantage.

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