There is a new epidemic spreading through this world. Killing, destroying, and taking over lives. It had humble, meaningful beginnings. But now, it’s been turned into something far from its original intention. And it’s spreading like a wildfire.

Fast Food is a relatively new problem to our modern world. Because of this, we weren’t ready for it. We welcomed it with positive intentions, but we were blinded by mediocrity and simplicity. We have let the fast food industry grow too much, and its time to fight for the safety of our lives, and all the generations after us.

Welcome to my blog site, Fast Food Fraud Food. My name is Arav. I’ve thought about health and eating good food my entire life. I started writing about eating better and exposing the fast food industry since I was in the 6th grade. Halfway through 6th grade, the pandemic began. I was never able to fully express all my thoughts, or really pursue the idea. My goal is to better educate the general public about food and fast food so that they can make decisions for themselves. I want to give everyone a fair chance at a healthy life.

Follow along with my journey into finding solutions to our epidemic.

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