School Lunches (The Solutions)

Here's your school district's lunch debt policy

Before reading this blog, you should make sure that you have read the previous one. It regards the “Problems” aspect of School Lunches. Think of this blog as a sequel to the previous.

One main problem to address with school lunches is the actual nutritional benefit. Most students choose to leave the healthy options out of their diet. The first step to healthy lunches is to inform all students what they are missing out on. The first step to getting through any roadblock is acceptance, and most children don’t accept that what they are doing is unhealthy.

Schools can also provide healthy lunch options that are interesting to eat. Presentation and taste go hand in hand to create an appealing meal, and if you can’t provide both of these things, then no school can expect the average student to eat healthier.

If schools can combine the two ideas of knowledge and interesting foods, then the future generations will grow up on healthy food, which will give us a healthier world.

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