Advertising Towards Children

TV Screen Time Exceeds 3 Hours for Babies: JAMA Study | Fortune

Have you ever been scrolling through the internet and come across an ad for fast food? Well this is highly likely. A recent government directed experiment has told us that 44% of the ads we see on a daily basis are related to or promoting consumption of fast food. This number is already a very big number, but it will be outrageous once you find out why.

Yum! Brands is listed as a Fast Food corporation, but in reality, it is responsible for the rise of obesity in children over the last 20 years. In 2004, Yum! Brands held a conference in Singapore called “Top Ten Ways to Market Asian Youths of Today”. This conference was organized due to the fact that children were starting to spend time watching television and society as a whole was starting to be more technology based than ever before. Yum! Brands chose to exploit this fact, and they wanted to market towards children specifically. Their logic was this: Children have 70 years of their life left to live, which can equate to 70 years of being a loyal customer. Since children can learn a lot quicker than adults, it would be easier to spread the idea of fast food through the minds of children. This corporation would corrupt an entire generation just to make more sales.

Corporations like this have taken over the world. They hold the health of the human race at their fingertips, and they are using their power in the worst way possible. Fast Food is an industry that can only be stopped once everyone understands the truth about it. We need to stop funding these corporations, and we need to stop falling for all of their mind tricks. This is the only way to save ourselves.

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