School Lunches (The Problems)

Sixteen School Lunch Programs Making a Difference – Food Tank

A high percent of the public school system is infamous for its subpar lunches. The food looks and tastes extremely unappetizing. And even though they have a rule that everyone must take a fruit or a vegetable, the lack of nutrition in these lunches is astounding. As we get into it, please keep in mind that all schools are trying to meet expected standards, but there are some obstacles in the way sometimes. The first crucial point is that children can decline to eat any food they don’t want to eat. This seems like a good idea because you should be able to eat what you want to eat. The problem that arises is some children will probably decline all the healthy options which the school provides, and this is one obstacle that they face. I am not saying that schools should be able to force kids to eat all the food, but schools can take other paths to keep their students healthy and meet all the requirements of the FDA. Another flaw with how schools plan out the lunches is MyPlate. MyPlate is a nutrition guide that contains the five food groups which people should be consuming. The groups are Protein, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Dairy. This format for a school lunch is not effective, as it is hard to follow. Not every kid wants to eat a vegetable, and not every kid can drink a carton of milk with their sandwich. When kids aren’t getting all the nutrition they need from school, only one thing can be held responsible. The MyPlate. In theory, this would work perfectly. And it is still suggested to try and follow MyPlate to your best ability. But in school, this cannot be controlled. In life, there are always inconveniences and roadblocks. But you still need to do the best you can. Remember to stay healthy! Stay tuned for another blog regarding School Lunches, and this time, we are going over solutions.

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