Breaking Down: Christmas Meals

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Christmas is a holiday that has been celebrated for almost two millenniums. It is a holiday to celebrate the spirit of giving, along with the birth of Jesus Christ. There are many dietary traditions that go along with the holiday. If you celebrate Christmas, then read this blog so that you are able to make informed decisions on what to eat when you are hanging out with your family.

Important foods that are in most traditional Christmas meals are roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and puddings. Normally, these foods are okay to have in proportion. But as mentioned in my previous blog, the problem is proportion. With this new set of food items, there are other problems that arise. The three foods that I chose have different problems, which should all be handled differently.

Roast potatoes are the first on the list. Potatoes are some of the least nutritious vegetables in the world. You can usually judge the nutritional value of a vegetable or fruit based on the color of it’s flesh. Potatoes have white flesh. A lack of color indicates a lack of nutrients. The only result that a potato consumer can see is an increase in carbohydrates and starch in their bodies. This can cause retention of water, making you feel bloated and sick. Roasting is a good method of cooking, because it doesn’t drain out nutrients. But when someone is roasting potatoes, there are barely nutrients to start with.

Brussels sprouts are next on the list. After explaining how a “bad” vegetable doesn’t help your body, it is probably surprising to see a “good” vegetable like Brussels sprouts on this list. This is surprising, as long as you are only counting the vegetable by itself. Unfortunately, the problem is not with the vegetable, but with the flavorings and methods of cooking, their nutrition is dwindled. They are normally shallow fried, or sautĂ©ed in large amounts of oil. Then, they are lathered with sugary and savory sauces, which add fat and sodium to the mix. American culture is known for taking foods and making it more unhealthy. Brussels sprouts on Christmas is an example of that.

Puddings are the most despicable item on the list. Yorkshire puddings are common on Christmas, so the nutrition information will be derived from Yorkshire pudding. There is simply no purpose for eating Yorkshire pudding. There is no benefit at all. A 100 gram serving of this pudding has 200 calories, all of them being empty. Over 10 grams of fat, 100 milligrams of cholesterol, and 190 milligrams of sodium. There are also almost 20 grams of carbohydrates. Yorkshire pudding is made from salt, flour, eggs, oil, and whole milk. Though it isn’t a sweet food, it still manages to have high amounts of carbohydrates. Yorkshire puddings have one of the worst combinations of food. Out of all savory baked goods, Yorkshire pudding is the one dish which you should avoid on Christmas nights. There is a joke that all the people in the United Kingdom who have issues with their weight are enjoyers of Yorkshire pudding. This joke has a strong basis, and might as well be responsible for the 31% obese population of the UK.

Jokes aside, you should always be aware of the negative buildups of different foods. Some might be high in sodium, endangering the blood flow to your heart and brain. Some might cause fat buildups. Some might unnecessarily bloat you. Remember to stay informed, and stay healthy!

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